Discover the beauty in old thrown-away things like broken down cars, caravans, deserted houses, buildings, garden furniture, as well as an old forsaken aeroplane. This incredible limited edition print collection has taken twelve years to complete... 

Abandoned | Edition 35

60 x 77cm R 15500  |  80 x 110cm R 18700 

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The purpose of this body of work is to highlight today's modern "throw-away" society and the excessive desire to have. Consumerism has reached an all-time high in the world. Homes are filled with the best modern electronic equipment, beautiful cars are parked in the garages, and caravans and motorboats are lined up to guarantee an exciting weekend away. These items have a relatively short shelf life, soon they will be traded in for a new model and their journey towards insignificance commences. 

This collection of old abandoned things that have passed their "sell-by date". Subjects which have fulfilled their purpose and has now been thrown away to be forgotten. Earthly items, discarded if you like, "things" brushed aside...once worshipped, idolised and even loved... now left abandoned. 

I have tried to capture them as they were found. From a photography point of view, I have attempted to portray the intrinsic beauty of these old abandoned subjects at their height of neglect by photographing them in "moody" light, which helps to depict them in a surreal, sanguine sort of manner. 

I have not rushed this project, for thirteen years, I had been looking out for abandoned subjects during my normal day to day photography trips and adventures. I did not want to go looking for them, as I did not wish to control the process. Instead, I felt like they should come looking for me. In a way, this approach was quite frustrating as I would often find a suitable subject, but the light was not right at that moment, and because it was out in the middle of nowhere, I could not come back on another day. But then, on some days everything just fell into place, as if they did indeed wait for me. These prints are limited to thirty-five copies each regardless of the size of reproduction.