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Photographic Art Prints of Abandoned Subjects

An anthology of fine art prints featuring abandoned subjects such as old broken down cars & caravans, deserted houses & buildings, garden furniture, as well as an old forsaken aeroplane. Each high-quality limited edition photographic print (of 35) is signed by the artist,  includes the artist's limited edition stamp and is sold with a certificate of authenticity. There are two sizes to choose from 60 x 77cm and an 80 x 110cm. The edition for this collection remains 35 print copies, regardless of the size they are printed.


Artist: Martin Osner     Limited Edition: 35 

60x77cm R 13 900  |   80x110cm R 16 400

Signed and Embossed by the artist. Issued with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Watch a behind the scene videos

An impressive "coffee table" book released in celebration of the completion of a thirteen-year project by fine art photographer Martin Osner. This beautifully printed book features all forty prints in the collection with interesting stories on how some of the photographs were found and taken. 30 x 30cm in size comprising of sixty pages printed on Hard copy cover with a printed dust jacket cover. The first release of one hundred copies signed by the artist. Delivered by the end of November. Promotion includes packaging and shipping worldwide.  


The purpose of this body of work is to highlight today’s modern “throw-away” society and the excessive desire to have. Consumerism has reached an all-time high in the world. Homes are filled with the best modern electronic equipment, beautiful cars are parked in the garages, and caravans and motorboats are lined up to guarantee an interesting weekend away. These items have a relatively short shelf life, soon they will be traded in for a new model and their journey towards insignificance commences. This series is a collection of things that have passed their “sell-by date”, subjects that have fulfilled their purpose and have now been thrown away only to be forgotten. Earthly items, discarded if you like, “things” brushed aside... once worshipped, idolised and even loved... now simply left ABANDONED. I have photographed a collection of subjects from old cars, caravans, gravestones, barns and houses etc, having tried to capture them as they have been found. From a photography point of view, I have tried to portray the intrinsic beauty of these old abandoned subjects at their height of neglect, by shooting them in very “moody” light, which helps to depict them in a surreal, sanguine sort of manner. Prints are limited to thirty-five copies regardless of the size of reproduction.