Wildlife & African Tribal Prints

Welcome to South Africa's No.1 Dedicated

Fine Art Photography Gallery

We are a dedicated art photography gallery specializing in high quality, unique photographic prints for art collectors as well as interior design projects.  

Founded by Martin Osner in 2010 and based in Cape Town, our gallery represents outstanding photographic artists and exhibits brilliant open and editioned prints which include; landscape, wildlife, tribal portraiture, abstract as well as urban and pop art photography. 

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Our Art Photography gallery prides itself as being the number one, dedicated, fine art photography gallery in Southern Africa and opened its doors in July 2010 in celebration of the last twenty-five years of Martin Osner's fine art photography. We showcase a unique curated selection of social documentary, landscape, and abstract art as well as a number of mixed media artworks where photography is part of the creative process. We are committed to exhibiting high-quality imagery and focused on offering outstanding customer service with an unforgettable experience. Besides the framed pieces on exhibition, we also stock a large quantity of our most popular prints in stock as we welcome international clients and deliver worldwide. and we look forward to your visit.

Besides our main art photography gallery situated in Cape Town, we also have a private gallery dedicated gallery that showcases Martin and Samantha Osner's personal work in Hout Bay. Here, this unique, father-daughter collaboration can be viewed via appointment in a quiet and serene environment. 

The Osner Private Gallery overlooks stunning views in Hout Bay.

About the Art Photography Gallery

Our services include

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Meet our Artists

We only represent a small number of extremely talented photographic artists, all of which have been carefully selected to ensure that we stay true to our vision with regards to quality and a unique Southern African art offering. Although each artist brings their own genre to the gallery, the overall style of the exhibition works beautifully together. The gallery was founded by Martin Osner, an internationally recognized and award-winning fine art photographer, and today he and his daughter Samantha curate both galleries.


Wildlife and Tribal Portraiture

African wildlife photographer, famous for his PRIDE OF AFRICA collection.

Wildife and Tribal Photographer, Klaus Tiedge.


Landscape and Documentary

Finnish born photographer with a diverse portfolio of African fine art prints from landscape to social documentary

Landscape and docmentary photographer Antti Viitala


Wildlife Photographer

Born and raised in Japan, Fumi has found a love for the African bush and has a developed a distinct style in her work.

Wildlife photographer Fumi Hirai


Documentary Portraiture 

South African born international photographer with a fine-art portfolio of prints captured over thirty years

International art photographer Harry De Zitter


Panoramic Landscape

Dutch-born photographer specialing in film captured landscape photography and a master of light.

Panoramic fine art photographer Koos van der Lende


Wildlife Photographer

Internationally recognised photographer specialing in wildlife and African tribal photography

Greg Du Toit wildlife photographer
Fine art photographic artist, Sandy Mclea.


3D Photomontage

Creates incredibly interesting hand assembled artworks using multiple layers.

Young talented fine art photograpy artist Samantha Lee Osner


Landscape & Abstract

Incredible young talent, following in her father, Martin Osner's footsteps. 

Urban art photography artist Graham Williams


Urban Art

Cape Town based photographer and digital artist with a unique and interesting style

German art photographer Andrea Armbrüster


Urban and Abstract

German photographer and new talent that encapsulates freedom with painterly expression.

Peter Corbett, specialised landcape art photographer



Pure landscape photographer with an incredible portfolio of scenic prints captured in Southern Africa.


Martin Osner

Gallery founder and award-winning fine art photographer.

A multi-award winning and internationally recognized artist and lecturer, including voted the best contemporary international artist 2008 / 2009 by Arteque art volume 3 (Masters of Today). His photography covers multiple disciplines and is characterized by an urge to explore with the willingness to experiment. Osner opened the Art Photography Gallery in 2010 in celebration of twenty-five years behind the lens, where he continues to showcase his work along with twelve other curated art photography artists.

Learn Photography

THE OSNER PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL offers basic and advanced photography classes; also master classes in landscape and fine art. Although he concentrates mostly on his personal work, he has gained valuable experience practicing commercial photography over the last twenty-five years; some of which include car photography, fashion and glamour, advertising, food photography and portraiture...Read More >>