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We are a national modern photography fine art gallery specialising in high-quality limited edition prints and art for wall decor, for sale both in-store at our gallery in Hout Bay, Cape Town, as well as online. Our unique South African artist collection of photographic prints appeals to art lovers, collectors, interior decorators, designers and architects alike and we are one of the leading specialised photography art galleries serving an international customer base ... Read More >>

Best Selling Prints 

Bring Life to your walls!

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Interior Mock-Up Service

When choosing prints for your home or office, we know how difficult it is to visualize an interior space, even experienced architects and interior decorators find it challenging to place the perfect art. We understand that finding the perfect print you love is one thing, but gauging the ideal size, frame and position can be a struggle ... and that’s where we can help.


Step 1: Take a picture of the wall you are considering.

Send us a picture of your wall. It's as easy as taking a photograph of the wall/s you would like to use and email a copy to us. 


Step 2: Our Creative team creates mock-ups

Once we have had a quick discussion, we will get an understanding of your preferences, and our creative team will begin to work on creating several print and frame options for you to consider.

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Step 3: Receive your digital mock-ups

In a few days, our creative team will send you art and framing options to consider. The best part is that the digital impression looks real, so it will help you to make an easy decision. Let us know if you would any changes made, and before you know it your choice will be narrowed down to the perfect artwork.

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Our gallery prides itself on being the number one, dedicated, art photography gallery in Southern Africa. Martin Osner opened the doors in 2010 in celebration of twenty-five years of being behind the lens. We showcase curated selection of high-quality social documentary, landscape, and abstract art as well as original mixed media artworks where photography has been included as part of the creative process.

We are committed to exhibiting high-quality pictures and focused on offering outstanding customer service by ensuring an unforgettable experience both in-store as well as online. Besides our framed pieces on exhibition in the gallery, we also keep a large number of our popular prints in stock, ready to be purchased. At the Art Photography Gallery, we welcome international clients and deliver worldwide through a seamless door to door service. 

​We proudly specialise in local Southern African art, and our selection of prints includes stunning both limited as well as high quality signed open in an edition photographic prints. You will find our unique variety of photographs to be ideally suited for home décor, office or for themed hotels and hospitality projects with our low edition fine art prints appealing to art lovers and collectors alike.

We offer the latest in printing, picture framing and display techniques, both classic as well as modern. We are proud to represent a small selection of highly talented and unique photographic artists. Quality, affordability and exclusivity is the hallmark of who we are and what we do. 

For those interested in learning photography, Martin Osner offers fine art photography courses and workshops both in person as well as online.