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Faceless Society | Inner City Print Collection

Exhibited at the Stephanie Hoppen Gallery in London (2008) this collection was photographed in Hillbrow and Brixton, South Africa. "Faceless Society" is a collection of photographs taken of social leaders and questions the role they play in society. Day by day life goes on, year by year society documents itself on walls and subways of the city. Adverts, pinups and news clippings of social leaders, sports stars, models, actors and political appointments, are pasted up with bazaar regularity. After all, is said and done, time will be the judge of their success and failures.  When generations move on, are these leaders going to look back with pride on their legacy? Or are they going to wish their faces where rather hidden from social records? Print No.8 features Nelson Mandela, in his boxing days.

Artist: Martin Osner     Limited Edition: 20 

58 x 84cm R 12 900

Signed and Embossed by the artist. Issued with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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