The Cape Quarter Square building in Green Point photographed at night time.

Looking back

Fine art photographer and photographic educator Martin Osner opened the Art Photography Gallery in 2010 in a celebration of the last twenty years of his photography. The gallery was founded in the trendy suburb of Green Point in Cape Town. He initially invited Koos van der Lende and Sandy Mclea to exhibit as he felt their styles complemented the creative and offered more variety. Offering a unique selection of social documentary, landscape and abstract prints as well as mixed-media artworks the gallery opened to its first exhibition with incredible success. Although primarily dedicated to showcasing Osner's own portfolio of photo art, the gallery continued to add other exciting fine art photographers like Antti Viitala and the late Klaus Tiedge. In 2015 Martin Osner's talented daughter, Samantha Lee, was offered her first exhibition where she showcased her "Daydreams" which proved to be an absolute success. Just before moving the gallery, international photographers Harry De Zitter & Andrea Armbrüster from Germany came on board.

Inside of a modern photography gallery where beautiful prints are displayed in large frames.
Left | Our first gallery was opened in the Cape Quarter Piazza in De Waterkant 
Right | It was a beautiful quaint space, but big enough to create an impact. 

Our story continues

The Cape Quarter Square building in Green Point photographed at night time.

Very soon, our gallery had outgrown itself and desperately needed more wall space. In 2016 we relocated to larger premises across the road in the Cape Quarter Square building. The size of the new gallery was double to what we previously had, so we invited a few more artists in for representation. This included seasoned landscape professional photographer, Peter Corbett, as well as Graham Williams for his exciting digital art and later, Fumi Harai for her beautiful nature photography. Committed to continuing exhibiting high-quality imagery and remaining focused on outstanding customer service, the gallery continued to go from strength to strength. Then came 2019, a year hindered by continual construction and road closures in and around the Cape Quarter called for yet another change. At the same time, Martin Osner felt that he wanted to steer away from a "mall-type" gallery and instead look at the opening on the high street in Cape Town in the city centre. While all this was happening two more established artists Greg du Toit, an award-winning wildlife photographer as well as Hougaard Malan arguable South Africas most renowned landscaper photographer were drafted into representation.

Left |  In 2016 the gallery relocated to the Cape Quater Square, an upmarket shopping destination in Cape Town. Right | With double the amount of space we were able to exhibit a lot more photo art

Heading forward into 2020

The old Amen building in Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock undergoing construction.

In March of 2020, we managed to find the perfect location for the gallery. The new site is in the heart of Woodstock, in an area undergoing urban renewal. It is nearby most of South Africa's most significant and well-established art galleries, like the Goodman, Stevenson and Smac Galleries and is also not far from the Zeitz Mocca Museum of Contemporary African Art. The new gallery location forms part of a widened art hub in Cape Town. The position could not be more perfect for Martin and Samantha vision for the future. Besides the framed pieces on display, the gallery will also stock a large quantity of the most popular prints, for immediate purchase. Prints and frames are available for shipping worldwide.

The new gallery is larger than the old space in the Cape Quarter will be open from October 2020. Please subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay informed about the grand opening. 


Left |  Our new location has undergone urban renewal. An old historic building has been refurbished.

Right | Our new gallery in Woodstock is now open 2020

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 16.36.30.jpg

October 2020 was a celebration as we opened in Woodstock. Not long after, the second wave of COVID19 put a halt to the proceedings, and soon it became evident that this pandemic was going to take a while to flush out. We kept the gallery open until April 2021, but we will very few art lovers walking the street; we decided to move the back to our private gallery in Hout Bay. Committed to reopen in the city bowl again sometime in the future, we will only do so once normality has returned. 

Left |  Our private gallery in Hout Bay, ready to welcome you. 

Right | A modern private gallery space.


An now in 2021

14 Luisa Way, Hout Bay, Cape Town, 7806
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