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Urban Facade | 3D Multi-layered Photomontage

Urban facade is a unique collection of layered photo-montages. After photographing a street scene, Sandy Mclea expresses his vision by printing the same photograph a number of times. Some of the background layers are printed in monochrome and others are printed in full vibrant colour and then hand embellished. Mclea skillfully assembles the work in multiple layers taking full advantage of perspective, depth and shadows. When completed the artwork is up to five centimetres deep encapsulating the vision of the artist. Urban facade is edgy and yet stylish and has found favour among private collectors and interior decorators alike.

Signed and numbered 3D (multi-layered) photomontage on fine art paper

(Framed size   72 x 57cm) Edition (7)  | 1 to 4 Framed R 16000   |  5 & 6 Framed R 19000   |   7 Framed POA

(Framed size 105 x 57cm) Edition (7)  | 1 to 4 Framed R 19000   |  5 & 6 Framed R 22000   |   7 Framed POA

* Prices are to be used as a guide only and may differ depending on the number of prints still available in the edition