Fumi Hirai | Wildlife Photography

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My love of Africa inspires my photography. I attempt to capture beauty, simplicity and the delicate details of nature in my pictures. 



Fumi was born and raised in Japan. From a young age her mother, a calligraphy teacher, exposed her to exhibitions and galleries. This influenced Fumi’s love of photography. 


Going on safari in Africa was a dream she had since childhood. While a student in her twenties, she went to Southern Africa with her first SLR camera. Since then she has used every opportunity to come back to Africa to capture its wildlife in pictures. 

In Tokyo, many hours were spent in dark rooms developing photos, mainly street photography and travel photos from Africa and South East Asia. 


Her wildlife prints have received recognition in Japan and used on covers of journals, which were sold nationwide.

After moving to Cape Town her passion for photography expanded from wildlife to include landscapes and seascapes.