This unique art print portfolio comprises exquisite photographs of flowers, nature and fynbos, a curated print collection that is perfect for interior dècor and design projects which are perfectly suited for home, office, boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses...

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The beauty of Botanical Art displayed in an Interior

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Francois de La Rochefoucauld, the famous French writer once said, "Simplicity is a delicate imposition". In botanical and flower art, the same quote rings true. Throughout history, botanicals have been a favoured subject of many great artists. Legendary painters like Renoir, Van Gogh and Monet all found a connection with flowers, both in nature as well as still life studies. Sometimes, the best inspiration for artists are subjects that can be found right outside the door. The saying that an acre of diamonds can be found in one's own back garden rings true.

Today not much has changed, in the world of photo art; flowers are equally as popular among fine art photographers as they are to interior decorators and collectors. Flowers and nature offer a timeless sense of peace and joy.

There are a number of reasons why flowers and nature studies are a popular choice for display. Firstly, and probably the most obvious, is that they invite an impression of the garden into the home releasing an aura of freshness, tranquillity and homeliness. 

Furthermore, botanical photographic artwork is also an ideal subject choice if you are looking at introducing a vibrant colour. As flowers are naturally colourful, one can utilise this quality even further without becoming overpowering.

As previously mentioned, simplicity is a great reason for selecting botanical art for the wall. Flowers and leaves have a natural and simple defined shape, so artistic elements of design which include rhythm and pattern are already there, and they bring the outdoors into your interior.

Whether you are looking for a bold print to welcome people into your home, or a grouping of smaller, more intimate pieces to hang in a bedroom or study, botanical wall art remains a popular choice favoured by many.

There's is no doubt that floral art presents a compelling quality that simply cannot be overlooked.