Antti Viitala | Art Print Collection

A wonderful portfolio of fine art photographs by Finnish born photographer Antti Viitala. The represented collection comprises of some beautiful litho photographic prints as well as stunning colour and black and white photography. 


Antti Viitala is a Finnish born photographer based in Helsinki and Cape Town, South Africa. Working globally, he keeps his hands warm regularly in Reykjavik, Bangkok, Zanzibar amongst many other places where he mostly works. Preferring to shoot on location with available light pays homage to the craft practised by photographers of the past. Reaching back through the ages, he draws inspiration from the old masters, yet keeping a firm grasp on modern technology thus allowing the finest of nuances to be elicited. His clients include; Marie Claire, Bridgestone, GE Money, Finlandia Vodka, Finnair and Scandinavian Airlines.