classic black & white landscape photography

An incredible black and white seascape by Martin Osner, photographed in Cape Town.


I have been working on a collection of classic black and white prints inspired by the great Ansel Adams' work.

Specialising in black and white film photography, Adam's was one of the most significant photographers in history.

He was not only a gifted artist but also had an unprecedented understanding of the technical side of photography. Adams pioneered a dynamic method of controlling contrast to gain detail and tonal range, termed the 'zone system'. He managed every step from the exposure reading to the final darkroom print with immense precision. This technique revolutionised black and white photography forever.

In this series, using Adams' tried and tested method, I set out to capture a series of images that would do justice to his process. My goal was to produce classic black and white landscape prints that translate exceptionally well in print.

An iconic black and white photograph was taken in Cecilia Forest on Table Mountain in a modern interior.

There is something so gratifying in the process that starts with seeing out a landscape that will translate well into monochrome, combined with the patience it takes to wait for the right light to do the scene justice, followed by a precisely measured exposure for processing.

Adams said, "In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.", a statement to which I can most certainly relate.

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