For a while now I have been photographing inner city scenes in Cape Town, concentrating mostly in Woodstock and Bo Kaap, near to where my gallery is located. In this work, entitled "Heartbeat of the Mother City" (See example below), which I will exhibit soon, I have used a multiple exposure technique to maintain a busy composition to capture the energy and vibe of the street.

However, recently, I have been wondering whether a simple, minimalistic approach could work in urban photography. I have always maintained that when you strip back on composition, one needs to lean more on rhythm, pattern and balance to assist the design.

Urban design is the first photograph in this new portfolio of work. Since taking the picture, I have identified a few more possible locations that I would like to shoot. Funnily, I had thought that I could complete the project fairly quickly, but in the process I have realised that in order to capture such simplicity properly, the quality and angle of light are extremely important. Using a really helpful app called Photo Pills I have been able to work out exactly what time of the year to shoot each of these compositions.

Strange, but after processing this first print, I really liked it a lot, but couldn't help wondering if it was not too simple. I printed a small proof which I pinned up in my studio for a few months. I find that having to live with it by coming in contact with it on a daily basis eventually seals a prints fate. Now six months later I am over the stage fright and happy to release Urban Design into my collection.

Hope you enjoy,

Kind Regards, Martin Osner

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