At the Art Photography Gallery, we believe that picture framing needs to be kept incredibly simple. We feel that the frame should show off the print and not compete with it. Over the years, we have developed several unique framing styles that have proved to be popular among our clients. To ensure consistency and quality, we have our own private workshop in Cape Town, which services both our galleries. Our methods are best described as bespoke as we practice conservation, archival framing that will last a lifetime. We service both local and international clients with framing, and our workshop also offers custom crate building for shipping as well as a professional picture hanging and art installation service.

Below is technical information on four of our most popular framing methods. For those who have visited our gallery and like the way we frame, feel free to share this technical information with your local framer.

Print raised and floated in a deep sunk box

Print raised and floated in a deep sunk box with a surrounding mount

Print raised and floated in a deep sunk box

Aluminium slimline frame without mount board